Necchi Lydia 3, Model 544 (made in Italy, 1960’s)). $70. Many bloggers have a love/hate relationship with this machine and I witness frequent cursing over it! This model has all presser feet, a working foot pedal, and a few original bobbins (very hard to find). However, I had to research an online version of the manual, and could only find a version for another 544 generation. If any enthusiasts out there are willing to share a copy I would be most grateful. The bobbin winder is broken, and I’m planning to repair it. Like most sewing geeks, the sleek design mesmerized me and I went on a mission to locate one for my collection. The machine has a reputation for the internal cams cracking, because Necchi devolved to plastic for this integral and crucial piece. It turned out to be the lynchpin instigating the demise of the company. But many Italian tailors have created couture fasion art and pristine suits on these beautiful machines.

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  1. My mother has one of these, exactly the same except for the cord and foot pedal, but it doesn’t say “Lydia 3” anywhere on the machine or Instruction Manual, it just says “Necchi type 544” It was bought in 1969

    My Landlord however has a “Lydia 3” and the Dial is different and the Reverse switch is a Pull-down lever. There are other differences but that’s what is immediately noticeable

    I wouldn’t be able to part with the Instruction Manuals sorry!

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