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Production costs can be difficult for sponsors to fully recover (technical staff, rental, equipment, programs, marketing, ushers, etc.) To help out, it is my pleasure to offer you full program notes for recent performances here. Thank you for stopping by!

Earthdance Immersion Solo Salon, Saturday, October 14, 2017

Donna and Earthdance thank you for being here this evening and it is an honor to share our art with you. This year Donna has been working through a retrospective of her artistic solo catalog. A self-described “transnational fusion artist,” Donna’s work dialogs dances of the North African and Arab World with Electronic music, hip hop culture, and Brazilian contemporary dance. Although she produced an average of 2-3 works annually for several decades, it was her 2006 performance of a solo titled “Homage Embodied” that was bootlegged by an audience member to (which was only four months old at the time). The video went viral, and launched her international career as a transnational fusion dance artist. She would go on to be the first tenure-professor of transnational fusion at the collegiate level, first to choreograph and perform transnational fusion in an off-Broadway Musical in NYC, first in the genre to win the Selma Jean Cohen Award for International Dance Scholarship, first to perform the genre of dance at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C . and more. Our program tonight offers a cross-section of pivotal works that have shaped Donna’s unfolding as an artist. Please note that tonight’s performance may contain healthy doses of irreverence and playfulness.

1. (10:36) “Passport Glitch” by Donna Mejia

Music: “Sidi Bouzid” by Filastine, “Drop (Instrumental)” by Earl Sweatshirt + Cheikka Rimti + Muslimgauze

2. (8-10 min) Guest Appearance ( Serena Spears, dance)

3. (5:00) “Woke/Grown/Moon/Bone/Crone” by Donna Mejia

Music: “Wake the Witch” by Kate Bush +”Sila,(featuring Tanya Taqaq)” by A Tribe Called Red

4. (5 -8 min) Guest Appearance (Abdy, Daf percussion)
5. (8:39) “Expatriation Orientation in Cryosleep” by Donna Mejia

Music: “Opening Monologue” written and performed by Donna Mejia, Autumn Leaves (Irresistible Force Mix)” by Coldcut, “Frequency Seduction” by Sound Secretion, Systemwide and Muslimgauze, Kora” by Fybe:One

6. (5-min) Guest Appearance (Ali and Kelsey)
7. (9:00) “Morontial Mota in Digital Bytes” by Donna Mejia

Music: “Solo (featuring El Rass)” by Dakn, “We Come In Pieces” by Ample Mammal, “Modest with Motion” by Thook

8. (15 min) Artists’ Q&A with audience

Show total: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Saturday, July 29: Ignite Festival presented by Raks Incendia, The Children’s Home, Traverse City, Michigan

Performance #1 (untitled improvisation, transnational fusion dance)

  • Music Collage: “Dakn Solo featuring El Rass,” “We Come in Pieces” by Ample Mammal, and “Modest with Motion” by Thook
  • Costume: Dress by Donna Mejia, belt by Gypsy Ames

Performance #2: “Woke/Grown/Moon/Bone/Crone” (transnational fusion dance)

  • Music Collage: “Wake the Witch” by Kate Bush, “Sila” by A Tribe Called Red featuring Tanya Taquaq
  • Costume: designed and constructed by Donna Mejia
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