Recent Performance Program Notes

Saturday, July 29: Ignite Festival presented by Raks Incendia, The Children’s Home, Traverse City, Michigan

Performance #1 (untitled improvisation, transnational fusion dance)

  • Music Collage: “Dakn Solo featuring El Rass,” “We Come in Pieces” by Ample Mammal, and “Modest with Motion” by Thook
  • Costume: Dress by Donna Mejia, belt by Gypsy Ames

Performance #2: “Woke/Grown/Moon/Bone/Crone” (transnational fusion dance)

  • Music Collage: “Wake the Witch” by Kate Bush, “Sila” by A Tribe Called Red featuring Tanya Taquaq
  • Costume: designed and constructed by Donna Mejia
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