Donna’s Colorado Classes

SUMMER 2017!!!

Donna Mejia and members of the Sovereign Collective Transnational Fusion Dance Crew are teaching tag-team classes for the community!  Yaaaaasssssss!


This two-hour practice session is recommended for movers with experience in any genre of dance (if you need information regarding beginner/introductory dance classes in the area please visit or the Rocky Mountain Belly Dance Group on Facebook ).

Admission is pay what you can between $10 – $30

Please bring a yoga mat

Please join us at MUSE dance studio in Golden (There is free public parking in Golden on Sundays!)

June 25 10:00 am -12:00 pm
July 1 9:00 am -11:00 am
July 16 10:00 am-12:00 pm
July 23 10:00 am -12:00 pm

 More info for those  who crave juicy details:

Please join the Sovereign Collective for a summer series of community dance classes! These workshops will be co-taught by the members of S.C. as fundraisers for our philanthropic endeavors.

The Sovereign Collective is a movement arts and social action collective founded by Donna Mejia. Collectively, members have pledged to elevate social consciousness toward a reverent connection to the human body. This project began as an effort to mobilize concerned citizens around an issue that can seem too large for an individual to take on: sovereignty of the human body. The Sovereign Collective includes education, outreach, and advocacy. As artists/dancers, we aim for our performances to be thematically relevant and artistically striking in order to generate interest in our subject matter. As dance and movement instructors, we are dedicated to providing safe, supportive, and accessible spaces for community members of all socio-economic backgrounds and experiences to develop personal somatic intelligence and healthy body-mind associations. All collective members are trained in a cross-disciplinary movement studies approach and curriculum galvanized by Donna Mejia that effectively renders visible participants’ social programs, defenses, and defaults. Free/low-fee workshops are available to groups such as victims of domestic violence, the financially disadvantaged, the differently-abled, recovering trauma victims, and any group lacking access to therapeutic movement arts. The Sovereign Collective supports the efforts of organizations and artists working toward similar goals through fundraising and networking. We hope to use our visibility to bring attention to and connect those already working for social change while setting new standards for body-mind awareness.

Classes are offered for a donation of any size ($10 – $30 recommended). Please leave your donation in the decorative bag provided next to the sign-in sheet. The Sovereign Collective is also supportive of barter, trade and creative exchanges. Please contact us in advance if you wish to propose a barter or trade! We are believers in the power of communal economy.

There is a yoga-based warm-up (no experience necessary, please brinig a mat if you have one) and techniques in Transnational Fusion Dance: North African/Arab/American forms in a dynamic dialog. All levels are welcomed. Please inform the instructor of any injuries, accommodations or medical needs that may impact or modify your participation this evening. Please ask questions anytime!

Dance is a physical discipline that intrinsically implies daring physicality, muscular exertions and some emotional vulnerability. You will not be coerced into doing anything beyond the safety zones of your present abilities without your informed consent of potential risks. You have the right/our encouragement to modify activities to suit the safety zones of your own body.

There is free public parking in Golden on Sundays!

  1. Hello Donna, what are you teaching this weekend? I’m not sure what to wear…
    Thank you,

    • Hello Chrystal and thank you for your question. Athletic clothing and bare feet work best; something you can move in without any restriction or concern. Most of us wear athletic pants and t-shirts. Please bring a yoga mat too. Can’t wait to dance with you!

  2. I am sorry I missed your last class. When are you teaching the next one? I am in need of inspiration and always get that from you. I hope you are well and had a great time in we York.



  3. Hey Donna! Are all of these events on Sundays? Thanks!

    • Hello Jennifer, No community classes this summer and I apologize! I’m on tour so much that I couldn’t identify a consistent day of the week when I would be in town. This information is a placeholder from 2017. I will try to find time to update the page to be clearer! (I’m on tour in Chicago right now)

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